Spiral Dynamics 

Spiral Dynamics (SDI) – The double helix of human development

Since my early years in professional life, the Spiral Dynamics Model based on the work of Clare Graves, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan is an empowering and transforming tool, for me and my customers.

In many workshops about leadership and self-development it provided me a deep understanding of human potential. Unlike many other instruments it is not a typology, which gives you certain clichés of human behavior and tells you what type you fit most.

Instead you find yourself in a very dynamic a powerful world of possibilities. The Spiral Dynamics Landscape helps you to open up and overcome certain obstacles which are very common in business environments. Like Otto Schamer in his U-Prozess, we discovered three main barriers:

  1. The barrier of judgement
  2. The barrier of cynicism
  3. The barrier of fear.


In the SDI Landscape there is no need for anybody to fit in. „Every person, every individual has the right to be who he really is,“ so Clare Graves. It is this attitude of giving „allowance“ to everybody to really be who they truly are.  The whole atmosphere changes from playing hide and seek to authentic confrontation. This shift is very powerful and transforming and at the same time a huge load is taken from all of our shoulders. In this shift people open up and overcome these typical barriers as described above.

They begin to see the world as a beautiful place. A place which is perfect the way it is. This means You, I, and We are absolute perfect the way we are. The need and ideas to improve, to become better or to develop just drops out of our mind. This is the moment we really open up to what is. 

From this place we start to operate as conscious beings and take the responsibility for the world we life in. This inner place is beyond judgement, cynicism and fear. There is no need anymore to blame someone in the room for a failed project, product, or a loss of money. Perhaps this is the first time we feel save, in a very challenging and demanding business world.

With this strong inner acceptance who we really are, we can face everything and if I write everything I mean it literally. There is nothing out there in the world wich can threaten our true being. With such knowledge we are able to overcome every obstacle in our lives, even death becomes nothing we have to fear.

What ever you have to deal with in your professional or private life, remember the first step outside the „programmed“ box is to drop judgments. This is what the Spiral helps us to do. Instead of thinking in defined boxes and types it helps us to perceive the world a little bit more as it is without our preferred filters in front or our eyes.

This year we accomplished a breakthrough in our work with the spiral. With value match from The Netherlands we have a partner who is able to deliver an analytical tool. It gives use a quick start and brings us right to the core issue and then it is up to you in which direction you want to sail with us.

Give it a try! Your sail is just a mouse click or a call away. We are happy to sail with you and your organization.

Spiral Dynamics